Economic Society of Singapore

2008 Discussion Series

29 January 2008  

ESS-ABS Executive Seminar 2008: The US-Subprime Mortgage Crises-Causes and Consequences, “Old Vodka with a Twist”

Guest Speaker: Dr. Michael Lim (Senior Fellow, Asian Public Intellectual Program of the Nippon Foundation)


Dr. Michael Lim provided an overview of the roots of and consequences of the US Subprime Mortgage Crisis.



ESS Corporate Leaders Forum 2008: “Global Credit Turmoil: Implication for Global and Regional Outlook and Financial Markets” This forum provides an opportunity for our corporate members to discuss trends and developments in the global and regional economies and their implications for business and investments with certain ESS officials with extensive and deep knowledge and expertise in macroeconomic surveillance and policy.


18 August 2008“The Continuing Puzzle of Short Horizon Exchange Rate Forecasting” 

Guest Speaker: Professor Kenneth Rogoff

Prof Kenneth Rogoff shared his views on the implication of the collapse of Bretton Woods I system of fixed exchange rates thirty five years ago. What have the economists learned about what moves exchange rates over to short to medium term horizons.


10 December 2008Corporate Leaders Forum: “Global Financial Crisis and Regional Outlook” 

Speakers: Dr. Khor Hoe Ee (ESS, President) and Mr. Manu Bhaskaran (Centennial Advisors Pte. Ltd, Managing Director)


The forum provides an opportunity for corporate members to engage certain ESS members on causes of the global financial crisis, the difficulties gripping the global economy and the outlook for the global economy and the region.