Economic Society of Singapore

ESS JC Seminar 2009

The 2009 ESS Annual Student Seminar was held on 2 nd August 2009 (Sunday) at Singapore Polytechnic Auditorium. This is one of the major events ESS organises annually. This year’s series on “Singapore’s Economy and the Financial Crisis” is primarily aimed to enhance the appreciation of and raising the awareness level towards current economic issues of topical interest amongst students from junior colleges, polytechnics and centralized institutions.This year, the Seminar was attended by 300 participants from various Tertiary Institutions. The seminar was kicked off by the introductory remarks of Dr Joshua Greene Chairman, ESS Education Subcommittee and Deputy Director, IMF – Singapore Regional Training Institute. Following which, the Speakers presented on current economic issues and ended with a Q & A session.

Session I: “Macroeconomic Dimensions of the Current Financial Crisis”
Mr. Manu Bhaskaran
Vice President
53rd Council, Economic Society of Singapore
Centennial Asia Advisors Private Limited

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Mr. Jimmy Koh
Council Member
53rd Council, Economic Society of Singapore
Head of Economics-Treasury Research
United Overseas Bank

Mr Koh, discussed on the Global Credit Crisis: Dynamics, Transmission, Mechanism and Implication on Global System.
• Non-Traditional Crisis: Explaining the dynamics and transmission mechanism
• Shadow Banking and Traditional Liquidity: How much has evaporated?
• How much is the damage on the real economy?

Session II: “Implications of the Crisis for Financial Sector Reform 

Dr. Rajan Govil
International Consultant Economist
IMF-Regional Regional Training Insitute
Dr. Govil discussed on the : Implications of the Crisis for Financial Sector Reform.
• Asymmetric Information, Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard
• Origination, Funding, and Credit Risk
• Some issues for Financial Reform
Dr. Peter Kriz
Senior Lecturer of Economics
School of Economics
Singapore Management University
Dr Kriz share his insights on: Implications of the Crisis for Financial Sector Reform.
• Three basic tenets
• Underlying assumptions
• Implications

Session III: “Rethinking the Role of Government in the Economy in Light of the Crisis”

Mr. Donald Low
Vice President
53rd Council, Economic Society of Singapore
Head, Center for Public Economics
Civil Service College

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Dr. Joshua Greene
ESS Education Subcommittee
Deputy Director
IMF Singapore Regional Training Institute

Dr Greene shared his insights on Rethinking the Role of Government in the Economy in the Light of the Crisis
• Roles for government in a market economy
• How government action during the crisis reflects these roles
• New approaches to the traditional roles
• Some questions about recent public sector policies

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