HOST: Economic Society of Singapore
DATE: 23rd - 25th November 2006
VENUE: Singapore Management University
School of Economics and Social Sciences
90 Stamford Road
Singapore 178903

The Economic Society of Singapore (ESS) is hosting the 31st Annual Conference of the Federation of ASEAN Economic Associations (FAEA) from 23rd - 25th November 2006, at the Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore.

The Organizing Committee of the 31st Annual Conference of the FAEA, with the support of all the seven FAEA members, has chosen "The Future of Asian Cities" as the theme for the Conference.

THEME: The Future of Asian Cities

The development and growth of cities has a profound impact on the dynamics of the national economy. In a knowledge-based economy, cities are expected to be the hub of innovation activities. Such activities in turn will help drive the productivity growth and determine the competitiveness of the national economy. Research in recent years has shown that the design and the management of a city could have a very significant influence on its innovative capacity. At the same time, there are various challenges brought about by the urbanization process that have to be tackled carefully in order for a city to realize its full economic potential. These include issues such as rural-urban labor migration, infrastructure provision and financing, and environmental management etc.

The urbanization process in the ASEAN countries has continued to accelerate in recent years. Some of the capital cities are also beginning to emerge as hub cities for the region. How the growth and development of these cities are managed will have considerable impact on the region's future as well as its position in the global economy.

The Organizing Committee of the 31st Conference of the FAEA, with the support of all the seven FAEA members, has chosen "The Future of Asian Cities" as the theme for the conference. We are now issuing a call for papers related to this theme.

We would like to invite submission of papers on topics related to the following issues:
A. City and National Economic Competitiveness: An ASEAN Perspective
B. Urban Planning as part of Economic Development Strategy
C. Development Strategy of Cities in Asia: A New Paradigm?
D. Geography and Economics: Emergence of Hub Cities in Asia
E. Experiences and Lessons of Urbanization in ASEAN

a. Building and Financing of Urban Infrastructure
b. Rural-Urban Labor Migration: Challenges and Issues
c. Urban Housing and Transportation Issues
d. Fiscal Decentralization and Urbanization
e. Other Related Issues of Urbanization in ASEAN
F. Growth of Asian Cities: Impact on the Pattern of Regional Trade, Investment and Capital Flows
G. Energy Security and Environmental Conservation: Constraints to Growth of a City?

For a detailed version of "Call for Papers", please kindly click here.


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