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ESS Essay Competition



 2019 Essay Competition
2019 MAS-ESS Essay Competition 2019: “How should Government policy address the impact of globalization and de-globalization on Singapore’s economy and society?”



 Previous Years’ Essay Competition
2018 MAS-ESS Essay Competition 2018:”Leveraging Technology and Connectivity to Spur Growth in ASEAN”
CCCS-ESS Essay Competition: “Nexus between Competition and Consumer Protection Policies”
2017 MAS-ESS Essay Competition 2017: “The Impact of Disruptive Technologies”
In Collaboration with MPA: “Navigating through Challenging Times”
2016 CCS-ESS Essay Competition 2016: “Disruptive Innovation and Competition Policy: Friend or Foe” 
MAS-ESS Essay Competition: “The Road to Singapore’s Future Economy”

A New Economic Model for Singapore’s Next 50 Years



Why is it very difficult to boost productivity in Singapore?What further policy changes would help to achieve this goal?

Competition Policy and Law in Singapore:  Opportunities and Challenges Ahead


“Singapore’s Untapped Hinterlands: Opportunities and Obstacle?”



2012 “Identifying Opportunities and Powering Sustainable Growth in Singapore”
“Moving Ahead With The Times: Managing External Challenges And Internal Diversities In Singapore “

 “A New Nation of Immigrants? Challenges and Opportunities Posed by Singapore’s Population Growth”



 “The Post-Crisis Environment: Key Challenges and Policy Proposals for Singapore’s   Economy”



“Singapore’s Growing Income Disparities: Causes, Consequences and Policy Options”



 “The Asian Financial Crisis 10 years on: What has changed and what have we learnt?”



 “Asia’s Role in the Global Economy and the International Financial System”



 “Is Our Educational System Able To Meet The Challenges Of Globalisation?”



 “How can Singapore Remain Competitive in a Globalising World Economy?”


 “The Role of the State in an Increasingly Borderless World.”



“East Asia in the New Economy – Opportunities and Challenges”