Economic Society of Singapore

ESS JC Seminar 2006

The 2006 ESS Annual Student Seminar was held on 19 August, 2006 at National University of Singapore.

One of the major events that ESS organizes annually, this series of “Understanding the Singapore Economy” is primarily aimed to enhance the appreciation of and raising the awareness level towards current economic issues of topical interest amongst students from junior colleges, polytechnics and centralized institutions.

This year, the Seminar saw an overwhelming response of a total of 1,100 participants for both the morning and afternoon sessions, from the various Tertiary Institutions.

For the morning session, Dr Khor Hoe Ee, President of the ESS and concurrently Assistant Managing Director (Macroeconomic Surveillance Department) of the MAS, kicked off the Seminar with a short introductory remark. Following which, the Speakers presented on current economics issues, which ended with an engaging Q&A session.
For the afternoon session, A/P Peter Wilson, Economics Department, NUS, was the chairperson of the Seminar. Likewise, the students were forthcoming in their questions for the speakers during the Q&A session, highlighting queries and challenges of the current economic situation of Singapore.

The panel discussants for the morning session include: Dr Khor Hoe Ee, A/P Peter Wilson, A/P Shandre Thangavelu and Mr Jason Lee.The panel discussants for the afternoon session include: A/P Peter Wilson, A/P Shandre Thangavelu, Mr Jason Lee and Mr Edward Robinson.

Below is a list of our speakers and panel discussants.

Medium Term Prospects for the Singapore Economy
A/P Peter Wilson
Council Member, ESS
Economics Department, NUS
(Speaker and Panel Discussant)

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Monetary Policy and the Singapore Economy
Mr Jason Lee
Senior Economist
Economics and Policy Dept, MAS
(Speaker and Panel Discussant)

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Unemployment and Labor Market
A/P Shandre Thangavelu
Vice-President, ESS
Director of SCAPE
Department of Economics, NUS
(Speaker and Panel Discussant)

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Mr Edward Robinson
Principal Economist, MAS
(Panel Discussant)