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44th FAEA Conference Singapore2019





France-Singapore Economic Forum 2019

ESS Annual Dinner 2019

Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2019

ESS Youth Wing National Youth Economic Summit (NYES)

Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2018

ESS-MOE-CSC Annual JC Seminar 2019

Singapore Policy Forum 2017

ESS-MOE-CSC Annual JC Seminar 2018

ESS Annual Dinner 2018

Annual JC Seminar 2017

Talk by Mr Noonan, Minister for Finance, Ireland

ESS Annual Dinner 2017


ESS Annual Dinner 2016

Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2016

Singapore-France Economic Forum 2016


Annual JC Seminar 2015

Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2015

ESS-MOE Annual JC Seminar 2016

Annual Dinner 2015

Annual Dinner 2014

Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2014

ESS Annual JC Seminar (12 April 2014) “Challenges Facing Singapore- An Economic Perspective”

What’s been happening to United States income inequality?

ESS Panel Discussion Forum on Post Singapore’s Budget 2014

Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2013


The Singapore Economy: Confronting Challenges Anew


“Moral Turpitude in Mutual Fund Families: How to Spot Mutual Fund Families that Serve their Clients Well and Avoid the Crooks� by Professor Edward Tower

ESS-CSC Annual JC Seminar (13 April 2013) “Challenges Ahead for Singapore-Policies and Perspectives�

ESS Panel Discussion Forum on Population White Paper

ESS Panel Discussion Forum on Post Singapore’s Budget 2013

What it’s like to work as a Professional Economist in the Public Sector

37th Federation of Asean Economic Association Annual Conference,

Manila Philippines

Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2012

“When China Rules the World by Martin Jacques�

ESS Annual Dinner 2012: “Opportunities and Challenges in the Next Phase of Singapore’s Development”

Economic Policy in a Turbulent World

“Developments in the Eurozone/An Irish Perspective� by Minister Lucinda



Monetary and Currency Policy Management in Asia: A New Book from the Asian Development Bank Institute and Edward Elgar Edited by Masahiro Kawai, Peter J. Morgan, and Shinji Takagi

How Technology is Re-Shaping the 21st Century Economy?

ESS-MOE Econs Teachers Networking Event Theme of Event: Hong Kong  and China

ESS Panel Discussion Forum on Post Singapore Budget 2012

ESS Corporate Breakfast Forum

The Comedy Underground Yoram Bauman (USA)

Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2011

The Global Economy after the Financial Tsunami: Risk of Inflation, Asset Bubble, Exchange Rate Cycle and then a Crisis outside the US

SERC Conference 2011

ESS Annual Dinner 2011

ESS Annual JC Seminar: Globalisation, Inequality and Budget 2011

The International Role of Euro Before and After the Crisis

Nouriel Roubini on “What’s Next”

Rethinking International Finance for Development

Why What You Think Will Make You Happy Usually Don’t? 

Revelry 2011 Inaugural Informal Gathering of Young Professional


The Political and Economic Prospects for Asian Region 2011


Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2010

CME-ESS Private Networking Session and Open Dialogue

Economic Society of Singapore (ESS) Annual Gala Dinner 2010

Nowhere to Hide: The Great Financial Crisis and the Challenges in Asia

ESS Annual JC Seminar 2010

The Use and Abuse of Econometrics

Seminar cum Book Launch of “From Asian to Global Crisis”

Leadership Study trip to HongKong

SIM Economics Week Opening Ceremony/Lunch Talk

CSC-ESS Forum on : The Economic Naturalist: In Search of Solutions to  Everyday Enigmas

Singapore Economic Policy Forum 2009

“How Soon Will the Recovery Be?” presented by Mr. Charles Burton, Oxford Economics Limited, 14 October 2009

ESS Annual Dinner in conjunction with SER Conference 2009

ESS Annual JC Seminar 2009

Thank You Dinner for Dr Khor Hoe Ee and Welcome Dinner for the

53rd Council

Talk with Mr Ivailo Izvorski from World Bank

Luncheon with Mr Lawrence Craig of Australian Economic Society

Dialogue with Professor Linda Lim

IPS-ESS Breakfast Talk

Corporate Leaders Forum

The Continuing Puzzle of Short Horizon Exchange Rate Forecasting

Annual Dinner 2008

Annual Dinner 2007

MAS-ESS Essay Competition 2006/2007

Annual Dinner 2006

MAS-ESS Essay Competition 2005/2006

Annual Dinner 2005

MAS-ESS Essay Competition 2004/2005