Recent developments around COP26 and Article 6 of the Paris Agreement have been encouraging, in spite of some last minute walk backs on certain specific commitments. Energy transition plans and carbon market developments remain key to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Join us in this discussion as we look to find out more about, but not limited to: Lessons learnt from COP26 and its implications on Singapore Current trajectory of Singapore's energy transition Singapore's carbon markets and role in regional energy trade

Singapore's Energy Transition and Carbon Markets Development

13 January 2022 06:30:00 PM

ESS Young Professionals

ESS Young Professionals – Singapore’s Energy Transition and Carbon Markets Development
Webinar cum Book Launch

Webinar cum Book Launch

Even as the world tries to climb out of the Covid-19 pandemic, other structural crises – environmental degradation and climate change, mounting debts and financial instability, inadequate health systems, widening economic and social disparities, and the rise of populism - are looming on the horizon. What is the relation between these multiple crises, how do we understand the causes, and what are the consequences? Do we use these crises as wake-up calls to bring about needed changes or return to business-as-usual when the embers of the pandemic burn out? Karl Polanyi, an economic historian, presciently warned us 70 years ago that market forces when unchecked and left to their logic will lead to the destruction of human life, society, economy and environment. Sadly, his prescient warnings were not heeded. The authors examine these burning questions in a historical and holistic manner using a multi-disciplinary approach.

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